Must-Have Accessories for your AR 15 – 67MM Utility (CAN) Launcher from F5

Let’s admit the fact that all of us love our ARs. While shooting the AR with real bullets is something we’ve all been doing for a long time, did you know you can also put your AR to many other uses, like shooting soda cans or beer cans? That is what the ‘67 mm Utility (Can) Launcher’ from F5 MFG does for you. It gives you a real adrenaline rush, and it’s equally fun and safe for everyone. Most American shooters use it to have extreme fun on the range. Don’t trust us? Check out how people are having fun on the range with our can launchers.

Not only that, you can also shoot paint cans, tennis balls, and whatever comes to your mind that fits inside the launcher. The can launcher comes as a stripped upper receiver. You need to fix this on your AR 15 lower receiver with a bolt carrier group (BCG), the charging handle, and you are set for a thrilling time.

The soda can launcher works with a gas-ported barrel using mil-spec M200 5.56 blanks. On firing blanks, high-pressure gases are released, which then come out of the small holes around the capped tube inside the launcher. These extreme pressure gases help push the projectiles like 12 oz soda cans, beer cans, paint cans, or anything that snugly fits inside the launcher. The projectiles are launched at a distance of 100+ yards when you shoot them at an optimum angle.

Fully compliant, our can cannons are 100% made in the US and are a ‘BATF’ approved accessory, easy to assemble and launch. They are not considered a firearm, meaning you can legally buy and use them without any paperwork. The soda cannon from F5 is also compatible with the M16 lower receiver.

Why F5 MFG?

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of the AR 15 67mm utility (Can) launcher, we know what’s the real deal when it comes to the can cannons and what works for American shooting lovers. We strive to ensure high-performing and authentic products with durable finishing. We use 5-axis CNC machining technology to manufacture this extremely rugged and fun product that launches many things except actual bullets. Not only are our soda can launchers better performing in comparison to our competitors, but they are also fairly priced.

The Different Options

You have different options to buy the AR 15 Cannon just the way you like them.

  • There are ones that come with a picatinny rail below the launcher tube so that you can attach a vertical foregrip. The foregrip delivers additional stability to the AR, better accuracy to the shots, and also helps to withstand recoil. We also have the ones that come with the foregrip attached.
  • Then there are ones that come with a golf ball attachment (also the original product of F5 MFG). This tiny tube easily threads inside the can launcher and is ready to launch golf balls, smoke canisters, drone nets, and whatnot.

You can either buy a combo that includes everything from a golf ball attachment to picatinny rails, foregrip, and 20 blanks, or just a single can launcher, depending on your choice. You can choose from different color options too. We also have a buddy (4+1) offer on many of our launchers.

The Latest Addition

We have recently added ‘Can Launcher Sights’ to our product catalog. The sights attach to your can launcher for better clarity of the sight picture, better measurement of the distance to the target, and for better tactile adjustment to deliver consistently accurate shots. This can cannon accessory can either be bought separately to attach to your already bought soda cannon, or you can get it ‘free’ by buying our ‘complete kit’ of the soda can launcher. The can launcher sight comes as a free accessory in our combo only till first 50 orders.

Get this bad boy home and feel the real adrenaline rush take over your boring shooting routine. This would not only put your AR to fun use but also comes handy for home defense.

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