F5 Statement

F5 Statement
Ultimate Guide on What is an NFA Tax Stamp and How to Fill the ATF eForm 1 for NFA Tax Stamp application

This blog is your step-by-step guide on a tax stamp and how to fill the ATF eForm 1, specifically eForm 5320.1 for the NFA tax stamp application. But first, let…

Make Yourself Heard with Your Comments on the BATF Proposed Ruling

Nine years ago, the BATF established that attaching stabilizing braces to pistols or any other firearm serves a legal function. These firearms were not subject to the provisions of the…

June 7 Pistol Brace Ruling

In another attempt to restrict the right of the American people to bear and keep arms, ATF has once again published in the federal register, “Factoring Criteria for Firearms With…

The Future of the Pistol Brace

As we discussed in our previous blog, the heated discussions on pistol braces started AND ended (for now) all over again in December 2020, when the ATF published in the…

The Current State of the Pistol Brace

In our last blog, we talked about the history of pistol braces with regards to the changing gun laws in the US. Let's move the discussion towards the present state…

History of Pistol Braces with the changing Gun Laws in the US

The Pistol stabilizing brace is one of the most unfortunately infamous recent innovations in the gun industry. It makes heavier handheld firearms stable for the user to shoot with one…

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