Extend the Use of Your AR with the Utility (Can) Launcher – The different Options from F5

Shooting your AR 15 with actual bullets is a regular on the range. What if you could also use your AR to shoot soda cans, tennis balls, paint cans, and whatnot? The ‘67 mm Utility Launcher’ from F5 lets you do all that with a lot of fun. All you need is your AR 15 lower receiver, bolt carrier group (BCG), a charging handle, and the F5 Can Launcher to let the fun begin. Our soda cannons give you a kick of adrenaline when shooting with live rounds becomes a routine affair on the range. Excited enough? Well, who wouldn’t want to have exciting fun when a simple ‘BATF’ approved accessory lets you do so with your AR? We have different budget-buy options in our ‘soda can launchers’ range. This blog talks about all the different options. To know why our launchers are better than its competitors, read our blog, ‘Fun Accessories for your AR 15.’

The Can Launchers from F5

The utility (can) launchers from F5 are 100% made in the US and are not considered firearms which is why you can legally own and use them to launch whatever comes to your imagination but fits inside the launcher. All our can launchers are compatible with the AR 15 and M16 lower receivers. They shoot with mil-spec M200 5.56 blanks and are extremely accurate because of the 5-axis CNC machining technology used to manufacture them. Our can cannons launch at a distance of 105 yards when shot at an optimum angle with the right spec blanks. With all that information, here’s a compiled list of our soda can launcher combos’ to make it easy for you to choose the best buy for yourself.

  • AR 15 Utility Launcher – The Complete Kit. This combo includes a can launcher with a picatinny rail, a launcher adaptor, a short foregrip, and 20 blanks.
  • The soda cannon works with anything in 67 mm diameter and is a fun accessory to launch soda cans, beer cans, tennis balls, ice balls, or anything that isn’t too snug. The AR 15 cannon has a picatinny grip below it to attach an accessory of your choice.
  • The launcher adaptor (golf ball attachment) can be easily threaded inside the can launcher and works with anything in 37 mm diameter. It allows you to launch golf balls, drone nets, smoke canisters, or anything that easily fits inside it.
  • The short foregrip is attached to the picatinny rail on the soda cannon. It gives stability to the launcher and accuracy to the shots.
  • 20 blanks give you a good kickstart to have an amusing experience.

When bought separately, this combo would cost you more than $250, but we have brought it at an affordable price in this combo.

  • AR-15 Utility Launcher – The Three-in-One Combo. Our second combo comes with the can launcher with picatinny rail, a short vertical foregrip, and 25 blanks. It does not include the golf ball attachment but is compatible with the attachment from F5. It comes in a 4+1 offer, meaning we send 5 for the price of 4 when you group buy them. This is a reasonably priced combo with three AR accessories in one single offer.
  • AR-15 Utility Launcher with Adaptor. This combo includes only the soda can launcher and the gold ball attachment. The can launcher does not have the picatinny rail. You can go for this combo when you do not want a foregrip or picatinny rail on the can launcher. The foregrip gives good stability to the can cannon when attached to the AR lower. But, the launcher takes equally accurate shots even without the foregrip. You can hold the AR 15 cannon with your non-grip hand and shoot. This combo too comes in a 4+1 offer.
  • AR-15 Utility Can Launcher.  It totally fits the bill when you want only the soda can launcher from F5. It is compatible with our golf ball attachment and launches anything in 67 mm diameter. This too comes under the 4+1 offer.

Apart from black, our soda cannons are also available in different colors.

Our utility launcher is a perfect accessory to have exciting fun on the range. The golf ball attachment further adds to the thrill. It is completely safe and adventurous for everyone and puts your AR to fun use. Be creative with the projectile options and see the adrenaline rush kick in no time.

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