Fun Accessories for your AR 15: The 67 mm Utility (Can) Launcher from F5

While the aftermarket for firearm accessories is a barrel (get the pun) full of exciting and fun stuff for AR users, one thing that all the AR shooters love is the ‘67 mm AR 15 Utility (Can) Launcher from F5 MFG. Fully compliant, our series of can cannons are the perfect accessory to raise the adrenaline rush. There’s nothing that satisfies the itch better when you want to have fun on the range with your AR, but you are not in the mood to shoot live rounds. It gives you the option to launch anything that comes to your imagination that fits inside the launcher. Here’s a deep dig down on how to work with the F5 can launcher and all the fun things you can do with it.

How Does the F5 Can Launcher Work?

The F5 soda launcher just needs the AR 15 or the M16 lower receiver, BCG, and a charging handle to get into operational mode. You can also attach the optics on the upper Picatinny rail to enjoy night time shooting but imagine the fun when shooting without the optics in low light, quite the thrill.

It operates with a gas-ported barrel and a small tube capped from the bottom that prevents the live bullets from loading. When the blanks are fired, enormous gases are released from the vent holes around the small tube into the cannon tube to push any projectile of your choice except the actual bullets. It launches at a distance of 105 yards when shot at an optimum angle with the right spec blanks.

This can launcher launches anything from

  • Soda cans
  • Beer cans
  • Wine cans
  • Tennis balls
  • Paint cans 

And, with the Golf Ball Attachment, it gets even more fun with

  • Golf balls
  • Drone nets
  • Smoke Canisters

What Does the F5 Utility Launcher work with?

The soda cannon from F5 comes as a stripped upper receiver and is compatible with your AR 15 and M16 rifles. It shoots with mil-spec M200 5.56 blanks. This can cannon is not considered a firearm which means you can legally own and use it to have extreme fun on the range.

What is the F5 Can Cannon Made with?

F5 MFG is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) on the AR 15 utility launchers. The F5 launchers are manufactured using state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC machining technology to create an extremely intricate product with high precision. The manufacturing process delivers quality finishing, exact intricate details, high performance, and perfect accuracy to the can launchers. The performance of this bad guy is so good that it sells like hotcakes.

Why are the Can Launchers from F5 better in Comparison to others in the Same Category?

There are many things that make F5 utility launchers the best of the lot. The top priority for any buyer is the product’s quality and performance. The F5 soda can launchers rank high on the quality index because of the high precision technology used to manufacture them. And because of its high quality, it outperforms every other can cannon on the range. Check out the video:

to see the F5 can launcher in action. Here are some other reasons why this AR 15 cannon should be on your buying list

  • Worth the Buy. Compared to other can cannons, all the fun and action on the range comes at a reasonable price from F5.
  • Picatinny Rail. The F5 utility launchers come with a small Picatinny rail on the bottom to attach the vertical foregrip (not included with the launcher) for better device control and better accuracy.
  • Golf Ball Attachment. The F5 soda cannons are compatible with the golf ball attachment device that launches golf balls, drone nets, smoke canisters, or anything that fits inside it without being too snug. The golf ball attachment (sold separately) is also the original product of F5 MFG. The golf ball attachment is easy to install and uninstall with an internal thread.
  • Group Buy. Buying the soda cannon from F5 could be a treat for your plus one friend. Yes, when you group buy four can launchers, you get the fifth one free of cost, further reducing the overall cost of each piece.

If the F5 Utility Launcher sounds like the perfect accessory to have a thrilling afternoon of launching any creative projectile that can pass through it, go ahead and buy it with complete confidence and see your routine shooting get the adventurous makeover.

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