Kalashnikov USA

Kalashnikov USA
    • KP9 With 50 Round Drum Magazines & Pistol Brace


      The KP 9 Pistol from Kalashnikov USA satisfies all your urges when you are in the shooting range. This semi-automatic pistol is built on the AK platform and made in…


      Left Side Charger for Kalashnikov KP / KR9


      Introducing the newly released Patent Pending left side charger for the Kalashnikov (KUSA) KP9/KR9 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbines – These products are the result of a year long project in…


      KP9 / KR9 9mm 50 Round Drum Magazine


      50 Round 9mm Drum Magazine manufactured exclusively for Kalashnikov USA KP9 / KR9 platforms. Machined from billet aluminum 6061 and painted with Cerakote, this product performs very well with the KP9…

    • KP9 With Two 50 Round Drum Magazines

      15% $188.00$1,069.00 $1,069.00

      9x19mm Pistol Semi-Auto One 30 Round Magazine Two 50 Round Drum Magazines 9.33” BBL Handguard Rear QD Mount Top & Front Rails Black Synthetic Stock

    • Kalashnikov KOMRAD


      3″ 12 Gauge Firearm Semi-Auto Two 5-Round magazines 12.5″ Barrel SB Tactical® SBA3 Brace Handguard with Rails Forward Vertical Grip BLK Synthetic Available KP9 Accessories SilencerCo Omega 9K Suppressor SilencerCo…

    • KR 103


      7.62x39mm Rifle One 30 Round Magazine 16.33″ BBL Fixed Stock Handguard Top & Front Rails Black Synthetic **ALLOW 60 DAYS FOR SHIPPING** Available KP9 Accessories SilencerCo Omega 9K Suppressor SilencerCo…

    • KR9 MAG30


      The KR9MAG30 is a durable, lightweight, high reliability 30-round polymer stick magazine and are the proprietary magazine for the Kalashnikov USA 9mm series rifles/pistols (KR-9, KR-9 SBR, and KP-9)

    • SilencerCo Low Profile 3-Lug Mount, 9MM


      The 3-Lug Mount is a quick-attach mounting option for guns with fixed barrels. The 3-Lug Mount must be used with a 3-Lug Muzzle Device. The 9MM 3-Lug Mount must be…

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