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AK-V pistol from ‘Palmetto State Armory’ is what you need to grace your armory with a gun that performs. The PSA AK-V is based on the Vityaz-SN Russian submachine gun modified with a few changes making it one of the finest and robust pistols in the firearm industry. It works on a blowback operation and meets all the requirements of being an ideal pistol if you always wanted to own an AK.


  • Forged Front Trunnion
  • Forged Bolt/Carrier
  • Stamped 1mm Steel Receiver
  • 10.5” Nitrided 4150 Steel Barrel
  • 9x19mm
  • 1 in 10″ Twist
  • 2 Port “Tanker Style” Muzzle Brake
  • Picatinny Top Railed, Hinged Dust Cover
  • Fixed Rear Sight
  • Enhanced Extended Safety Lever
  • Fire Control Group: Single Stage, Single Hook
  • Magpul AK Polymer Grip, ODG
  • Magpul Polymer Upper/Lower Handguard, ODG
  • M4 Stock Adapter With SBA3 Adjustable Brace, ODG
  • U9 35 Round Patterned Magazine (Will also work in CZ Scorpion 9mm Firearms
  • 2 ea 50 Round AKV Drum mags in Armor Black, FDE or OD Green

Made in the US with the most groundbreaking innovation, it comes with a U9 35 round patterned magazine and accepts all CZ Scorpion magazines. This U9 magazine works on all CZ Scorpion 9 mm firearms as well. F5 ships this pistol with 2 EA 50 round AKV drum mags in armor black, FDE, or OD green colors. This F5 drum mag also works with all CZ Scorpion 9 mm.

The PSA AK-V has a forged front trunnion that interacts with the bolt and keeps the barrel in place. The bolt/carrier of this pistol is also forged and the bolt stays open when the last round is fired.  It is equipped with a stamped 1mm steel receiver and an M4 stock adapter with an SBA3 adjustable brace. You can also use any other brace of your choice that fits with the PSA AK-V. The 10.5” nitrided 4150 steel barrel with a 1 in 10” twist is chambered in 9*19 mm and threaded 1/2×28. 

It is a highly reliable and dependable pistol built on the rugged AK platform and has a quick response time. It comes with a Magpul AK polymer grip in OD green, and a Magpul polymer upper/lower handguard in OD green. There is a compartment to store batteries or anything small inside the grip. The 2 port ‘tanker style’ muzzle brake brilliantly controls the muzzle rise. You can use any suppressor of your choice that works with this pistol. The hinged dust cover with Picatinny rails on top allows to mount optics, and the enhanced extended safety lever provides ease of use. It has a fixed rear sight, but most people prefer to use external sights. Make sure to buy low mount optics if you wish to make use of fixed rear sight. It is one of the best pistols to use in a sport shooting competition, on the range, or for self-protection. 

This agile, robust, resilient, sturdy, and authentic firearm never ceases to amaze the shooter with its quick and consistent performance. Buy it, use it with style and flaunt it with attitude. Made in the USA.






Hinged Dust Cover, Picatinny Top Railed


Single Stage, Single Hook


Magpul AK Polymer Grip, ODG


Enhanced Extended Safety Lever


2 ea 50 Round AKV Drum mags


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