KP9 With 50 Round Drum Magazine & Pistol Brace

KP9 With 50 Round Drum Magazine & Pistol Brace

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The KP 9 Pistol from Kalashnikov USA satisfies all your urges when you are in the shooting range. This semi-automatic pistol is built on the AK platform and made in the USA with accurate precision and expert innovation. It has a 9mm caliber, 9.25” barrel and weighs around 5.62 lbs.

The Kalashnikov KP 9 Pistol is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun, a powerful and robust firearm.  It comes with an OAL of 18.25” and accepts the 30 round magazine (detachable) from Kalashnikov USA.

The Kalashnikov USA Triangle Side Folding Brace is designed to transform your KP9 in form and function to the original Vityaz style triangle side-folder. The KUSA triangle brace latches to the receiver when folded by use of the integrated hitch. This is a close as you can get to the original SBR without the tax stamp and waiting period. The Kalashnikov USA Triangle

Side Folding Brace was engineered for simple end-user installation by use of the hinge pin already included with your KP9. Simply, strip your KP9, insert upside down into vice, use punch and mallet to remove hinge pin, install the brace and reinstall the pin.

50 Round 9mm Drum Magazine manufactured exclusively for Kalashnikov USA KP9 / KR9 platforms.

Machined from billet aluminum 6061 and painted with Cerakote, this product performs very well with the KP9 / KR9 weapon systems.  Can be ordered in 3 different colors, FDE, OD Green, or Armor Black.  Comes with a lifetime warranty.



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