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The F5 Booster is the absolute best way to get your legally modified F.U.C.C on track for use on locked breech semi auto handguns. The Booster is a “Nielsen Device” type booster that utilizes gas pressure to help semi auto handguns cycle with a suppressor attached.

The F5 Booster has been extensively tested with our products and matches well with the external lines of the F.U.C.C.

  • 6061 Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction
  • Hard coat black anodized finish
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning/maintenance
  • Threaded  1⅛ -24 external
  • Threaded ½-28 internal

Without a muzzle booster, most semi auto handguns using a tilting barrel system (Glock, 1911, SIG P320 etc) will not function, as the extra weight won’t allow the slide to cycle, effectively turning your semi auto handgun into a single shot handgun! Threaded to 1⅛ -24, the Booster attaches to the user modified F.U.C.C and any other similarly threaded suppressor and allows that section to be used properly on a handgun.

This is used for semi auto handguns with a tilting barrel action (Glock, SIG P320, M&P, 1911, etc).The piston is threaded to ½-28, making it perfect for most 9mm and smaller threaded barrels on handguns. The booster should NOT be used with the internal spring for  fixed barrel firearms or rotating barrel handguns (9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine, Grand Power, Hi Point, Tokarev, Walther PPK etc)

The Booster has been extensively tested on the F.U.C.C with different types of handguns and has had great success. Your mileage may vary depending on ammo type, suppressor weight/length etc. However, using the factory F.U.C.C assembly, we haven’t found a booster that will do a better job yet!


If you have a F.U.C.C and don’t have a booster, you might find it VERY hard to use on your F.U.C.C.




6061 Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction


Easy disassembly for cleaning/maintenance


Hard Coat Black Anodized Finish


1⅛ -24 external
½-28 internal

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