Soda Can Launcher With Picatinny Foregrip

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Stripped Upper – AMERICAN MADE – We are the OEM – AR-15 Soda Can Launcher AR NOT INCLUDED – BUY 4, we’ll ship 5, DO A GROUP BUY WITH YOUR BUDDIES! – launching device for soda cans and other objects. Launch full, un-opened 12oz cans of whatever you want!. When used with standard mil spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105+ yards! Comes with Picatinny foregrip attachment (foregrip seperate).  This REV will accept the golfball/flare/net attachment.

Can Launcher

3 reviews for Soda Can Launcher With Picatinny Foregrip

  1. John Brown

    Very Fun! Video doesn’t even show justice to how fun this product is!

  2. Jacey62 (verified owner)

    Super fun. I’ve never seen one in person, I gotta say it’s heftier and better built than I imagined it would be. I expected the tube to be super thin and more gimmicky, but no. it’s a damn solid tube Lol. Fits all kinds of stuff in the tube not limited to only coke cans. Only thing I was kinda bummed about was it doesn’t come with a dust cover, which when I went back and looked at the pictures it doesn’t show one on the upper. So my bad for not looking, oh well they’re like $5.

  3. Joe Maloney

    Great fun and easily installed. High quality for such an affordable price. The golf ball adapter is simple to install and I’ve not had any problems. Launching cans does kick similar to a shotgun but the inexpensive fore grip is definitely helpful. I bought used golf balls and adults and supervised children have had a “blast”. Just order it and go have some old fashioned fun. It launches things far enough that cleaning up your mess will definitely get you some good exercise.

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