Can Launcher With Picatinny Foregrip & 25 Blanks
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Can Launcher With Picatinny Foregrip & 25 Blanks


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Now, have fun on the range with F5 MFG Soda Can launcher for your AR-15. Using state-of-the-art 5-Axis machining technology, F5 have brought this device for times when you get bored of routine shooting on the range. 

The cannon comes with Picatinny rail attachment on the bottom to attach a vertical foregrip. The foregrip allows the supporting hand to get a better grip on the device and apply backward pressure to get better muzzle control and accuracy. The F5 MFG Soda Can launcher doesn’t come with a foregrip; you need to buy it separately


  • Stipped Upper
  • Picatinny rail on the bottom to attach a vertical foregrip
  • Works with Mil Standard M200 5.56 blanks
  • Comes with 25 blanks
  • Launches all unopened 12 oz cans or tennis balls
  • Compatible with golf ball, smoke canister, or net attachment from F5
  • An authentic product of F5
  • Lifetime offer – buy 4, get one free.
  • Made in America

What to launch the cans with? This cannon uses standard F5 original M200 5.56 blanks and comes with 50 blanks. The soda can launcher covers an average distance of 105 yards in every shot when used with the right spec blanks and shot at an optimum angle.


DO A GROUP BUY WITH YOUR BUDDIES ~ BUY 4, and we will ship you 5 cannons.

The soda can launcher features a stripped upper receiver to install the can launcher into your AR-15 easily. It does not come with a dust cover or a forward assist. Inside the can launcher, there is a small gas tube capped from the bottom, which means it won’t shoot any projectile but blanks to produce high-pressure gas that pushes and launches the cans or tennis balls. Since no projectile goes through it, it’s not a barrel and does not classify for a firearm. 

The AR-15 soda can launcher allows you to launch soda cans, beer cans, wine cans, basically any unopened can of 12 oz. This soda can launcher is compatible with an attachment device to launch golf balls or smoke canisters. The AR-15 soda can launcher is an original product of F5 MFG and is 100% American-made.

Reliability of F5 MFG

F5 MFG is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) on the AR-15 soda can launchers. This device is a 100% authentic product of F5 so you can buy the device with full confidence. Using a state-of-the-art 5 axis CNC manufacturing process, the can launcher from F5 comes forward as a reliable, durable, and high-quality can launcher to own. F5 gives you a never-seen-before offer. Group buy the soda can launcher from us. Order 4, and we will ship you 5 cannons. That is one offer you can’t ignore.




Picatinny rail on the bottom, Stipped Upper


50 Blanks, A vertical foregrip


F5 MFG / F5 Manufacturing


Buy 4, get one free.

7 reviews for Can Launcher With Picatinny Foregrip & 25 Blanks

  1. John Brown

    Very Fun! Video doesn’t even show justice to how fun this product is!

  2. Jacey62 (verified owner)

    Super fun. I’ve never seen one in person, I gotta say it’s heftier and better built than I imagined it would be. I expected the tube to be super thin and more gimmicky, but no. it’s a damn solid tube Lol. Fits all kinds of stuff in the tube not limited to only coke cans. Only thing I was kinda bummed about was it doesn’t come with a dust cover, which when I went back and looked at the pictures it doesn’t show one on the upper. So my bad for not looking, oh well they’re like $5.

  3. Joe Maloney

    Great fun and easily installed. High quality for such an affordable price. The golf ball adapter is simple to install and I’ve not had any problems. Launching cans does kick similar to a shotgun but the inexpensive fore grip is definitely helpful. I bought used golf balls and adults and supervised children have had a “blast”. Just order it and go have some old fashioned fun. It launches things far enough that cleaning up your mess will definitely get you some good exercise.

  4. Steve Voiles (verified owner)

    The fit and finish is top notch. It is an absolute blast to shoot. The video is good, but nothing compares to sending full cans 100+ yards!!

  5. djbooda (verified owner)

    Great product! easy to setup and works Great!!! Golf attachment is also a good addition. Thanks !!!

  6. Daniel Evers (verified owner)

    I got together with 10 friends and ordered 8 of these uppers. They sent 2 free. That brought the price down to $111 each with free shipping. Great product and excellent customer service. If you are not buying the Can Cannon from this place, you are wasting money.

  7. billj

    4 coworkers and I ordered 4 (got 5) soda can launchers so much fun.
    we then ordered the golf ball launchers holy cow that shoots a golf ball far. We took the launcher to the chronograph and it measured a golf ball at 1140 feet per second. supersonic golf balls awsome!!!

    Thanks, fo a great product

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