SIG MPX 50 Round 9MM Drum Magazine
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SIG MPX 50 Round 9MM Drum Magazine


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A sub-machine gun competition has never been more easier and fun. 

Introducing F5 MFG’s 50 round drum magazine for second-generation SIG MPX. Made in America, this beast of all mags is machined from 6061 solid billet aluminum and painted with ceramic-based Cerakote. In an endeavor to improvise our product line further, this drum mag is redesigned again keeping in mind the extraordinary performance and superior quality to survive extreme weather conditions and heavy & rough usage.

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Our engineers noticed that the feeding system in the SIG MPX was not symmetrical. The larger of the two feed ramps favor the left side, as a single feed magazine design. We wanted to do the same, so we “mirror-imaged” our original design and found that this was much more reliable. The newer and improved version of this mag is compact and shortened by 9mm. It locks in as close to the magwell as possible, leaving no gap between the magwell and the drum.  

Get ready to be amazed by the capabilities of this 50 round drum mag that works wonderfully well when used for competitions, home defense, or target practice. This high-power mag gives strength to your SIG MPX and is created under strict supervision with the latest innovation and most advanced technologies in the US. It is one of the most lethal mags designed to release 50 rounds non-stop and works with every second generation SIG MPX submachine gun. 

Made with perfection and critical precision using the 5-Axis machining technology, the SIG MPX 50 round drum magazine is a hard-hitting mag that overpowers every other drum mag in its competition. This high-capacity magazine is made to kill. It is a must-have for every shooter who loves to take continuous rounds without a change of mag. It also keeps you protected from uncertainties during an unwanted situation. 

Years of creating innovative firearm accessories and non-firearm products have given us enough experience to understand the needs of our customers. This is the reason our expert innovators and inventors keep revolutionizing the technologies to create lethal accessories as per customer aesthetics and functional needs. F5 strives to continue to bring high-quality and durable accessories that lead the bandwagon of innovative firearms and firearm accessories. 


Weight 5 oz





AR-15, CZ BREN 2, M16, SIG MPX


9 mm


50 Round




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