Ruger 57 Plus 5 Kit – Magazine Extension & Slide Release

Ruger 57 Plus 5 Kit – Magazine Extension & Slide Release

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Introducing the Ruger 57 +5 magazine extension, magazine, and slide release from F5MFG. Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and Cerakoted Black, Grey, or FDE with a clear coat for additional wear strength, this extension brings the capacity of the Ruger 57 to 25+1 rounds of 5.7×28. With a locking device machined from aluminum, secured in place, this magazine extension will not only provide you with additional capacity but won’t fail under heavy use. We’re using the same technology and developed a +10 extension, coming soon.

What you get:

  • +5 Round Magazine Extension
  • Extended Slide Release
  • Extended Magazine Release

Complete kit $129.00 

Upgrade your Ruger 57 double-stack magazine with +5 rounds using the F5 magazine extension. 

With innovative changes in firearm accessories, F5 MFG is proud to launch the magazine extension for Ruger 57 that adds 5 more rounds to your regular mag. The mag extension comes with a magazine and slide release for improvised functioning. Plus, we will soon be introducing a +10 magazine extension manufactured with the same technology as a +5 extension. 

Magazine extension 

Designed for:

This magazine extension is configured to fit your Ruger 57, adding a total of 5 rounds to the already assembled mag. It brings the total capacity of the Ruger 57 to 25+1 rounds of 5.7*28 mm. This device adds a new and upgraded element to your Ruger 57, making it one of the best pistols for self-defense. 

Manufactured with:

The mag extension is machined out of 6061 T6 aluminum and covered in Cerakote coating for better protection and a bold look. It comes in three color variations – black, grey, and flat dark earth (FDE) to choose from. The locking device on the mag release is also machined from aluminum and secured in place to provide ease of use and better safety under heavy use. 

Manufactured in:

This highly durable, efficient, and innovative device is manufactured in the US using the latest in 5-Axis machining technology. 

Slide Release

A majority of people have a problem reaching the factory mag release of the Ruger 57 as it is too small and needs the shooter to rotate the pistol in their hand to reach it. F5 has brought the extended magazine release of the Ruger 57 to adjust to customer aesthetics and functional needs. The steel-made extended mag release is easy to install and delivers ease of usability. 

The slide release in a Ruger 57 is too small and complicated for new users to operate. The extended slide release from F5 works better and faster on the Ruger 57. It makes pulling the slide easier and facilitates faster reloading of the new magazine. 

Why F5 for Ruger 57 Magazine extension with slide release?

F5 specializes in manufacturing innovative state-of-the-art firearm accessories. Being in the firearm industry, we understand our customer base and intend to bring high-quality, durable, and robust accessories. Ruger 57 magazine extension with magazine and slide release is brought looking at customer needs and aesthetics. This device is highly durable, functional, and convenient to use. Offered at affordable pricing, it not only adds extra rounds to your Ruger 57 but also improves the functioning of the weapon.






Ruger 57


5.7 x 28mm


Black, FDE, Gunmetal Grey


+5 Round Magazine Extension, Extended Magazine Release, Extended Slide Release




F5 MFG / F5 Manufacturing



Installation Video

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