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The F.U.C.C is a gun solvent capture device, with a modular construction allowing it to be swapped between firearms. It is made from Hard Anodized Aluminum 7075 and includes a heat-treated steel rifle adapter as well. Threaded 1.18-24 TPI to accept your favorite Nielsen muzzle booster device for attaching to a handgun, this allows you to capture any solvents you pour down the barrel before they get into the water supply. The rifle adapter, made from heat-treated 4140 STEEL is designed to help filter out the initial blast of solvent and save the following parts from the power of the chemicals. The kit includes jigs for modifying your solvent trap, after applying for the proper forms (namely an NFA Form 1). The modular design allows the customer to change the overall length of the device.

Currently, solvent traps are all the rage in the firearms industry, allowing shooters to customize their products into whatever they please. Using only a hacksaw, you can change the appearance of the modular cups to best fit your firearm.

This product can be utilized with 9mm carbines and pistols, and 7.62mm or smaller rifles provided the product can attach properly to the concentrically threaded barrel. Recommended attachment devices are:

  • Nielsen Device
  • Liberty 3 Lug Mount,
  • Gemtech 3 Lug Mount,
  • Liberty Booster,
  • Gemtech LID Booster,
  • MMW Reflex OTB Mounts.

The rifle adapter comes threaded for ⅝-24, ready for direct thread or an adapter to connect to 1/2-28 threaded barrels (adapter not included)”

It’s not great but at least we should get the facts out there. Jigs are available for modification in kits that combine 7.62/9mm, .223/9mm, and .223/.223

The kit ships with one end cap, 6 conical dividers, one spacer, a steel rifle collector, a steel rifle collector cap, and jigs to convert your kit to the desired caliber once proper paperwork has been filed.

Instructions for conversion can be found at this link

The F.U.C.C is the only product on the market that allows a customer to utilize only a hacksaw, or bench grinder to modify the product.




7075 aluminum / 4140 steel construction, Easy to modify, Modular design


Scalable design (short, medium, or long)


Patent-pending jig design
Patent-pending cup design

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