CZ Scorpion ACR Stock & Adapter

CZ Scorpion ACR Stock & Adapter

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We understand how much of a help a good stock system is for your rifle. Introducing F5 MFG’s stock adaptor with Magpul’s buttstock built for the iconic CZ Scorpion rifle. Designed and manufactured in the USA with the latest and innovative 5-Axis machining technology, this stock adaptor allows the Magpul ACR stock to directly adapt to your CZ Scorpion platform rifle. It can also adapt with your pistol, but your pistol will then convert to an SBR and it should comply with all the NFA rules in that case.

This stock system is created with the utmost precision keeping the user’s safety and ease of usage in mind. F5 MFG is proud to bring this combination of Magpul’s ACR stock with F5 adaptor that provides good structural support to your ACR while helping you take accurate and precise shots.

It is a side-folding stock attached with a spring lock. It comes with 7 telescoping adjustable positions and an adjustable cheek riser. The seven telescoping positions are great for the length of pull adjustment from 11″ to 14″ (when installed on an Adaptive Combat Rifle). It also has a rubber buttpad for ease of usage. Built to survive extreme conditions, this stock adaptor is machined from 6061 billet aluminum and cerakote in Armour Black, Magpul OD Green, or Magpul FDE.

The stock system is designed and made in the USA and is 922r compliant as well. This adaptable stock system is a much-needed accessory for rifle owners to shoot with ease. The stock folds to the right side and stays open with a hinged locking. It allows the rifle to be more compact. It also allows firing with a folded stock. The adjustable cheek riser raises ½” for a better alignment of sight through the optics.

We, at F5 MFG, are proud to manufacture a line of tough, robust, and durable accessories that continue to mesmerize firearm owners with their long-lasting performance. Works in every environment, this stock system is heavy-duty, resilient, and sturdy. It makes for a perfect addition to your hunting or sport shooting rifle.


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Armor Black, FDE, OD Green




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