F5 Mfg MSS stock kit for the B+T APC9 Kit includes stock and folding adapter.  



      Our most compact member of our rifle stock and pistol brace lineup is our HAVOC stabilizing brace for pistols. This is a super lightweight, low profile, yet extremely rigid brace…

    • B&T GHM9 x Magpul Zhukov-S Stock & Adapter


      Updated offering to our stock/adapter family of products is the GHM9 x Magpul Zhukov-S Stock.  This no-compromise folding stock sets up nicely with B&T GHM9, GHM9K, and GHM9G.  The durable…


      B&T ACR Stock Adapter


      ADAPTER ONLY F5 MFG’s adaptable stock system allows for the Magpul ACR stock to directly adapt to your B&T APC 9 platform (not 233/308 yet). It’s a side folding spring…

    • B&T APC9 / GHM9 50 Round 9MM Drum Magazine


      The only one of its kind, Brugger & Thomet APC/GHM9 50 round Drum Magazine.  Truly an incredible combination of quality and performance, be the first to own this exclusive accessory…

    • F5 MFG Modular Stock (MSS) System for B+T APC300/APC556/APC308


      F5 Mfg. Modular Stock System (MSS)  for B+T APC300/APC556/APC308 *All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges*

    • F5 MFG Modular Brace System (MBS) HAVOC for B+T APC300/APC556/APC308


      F5 Mfg. Modular Brace System (MBS) with HAVOC pistol stabilizing brace for B+T APC300/APC556/APC308.  NOT DESIGNED TO BE FIRED FROM THE SHOULDER.  ALL NFA RULES APPLY. **HIGH DEMAND PRODUCT -…

    • 9MM 1/2×28 ADAPTER FOR F.U.C.C.

      19.2% $19.00$80.00 $80.00

      Our 1/2×28 mount/adapter is designed to work in conjunction with our F.U.C.C. allowing it to more easily attach to your fixed barrel handgun or PCC up to 9mm. This will…

    • B&T APC9 Tactical Kit – 50 Round Drum, Modular Brace System (MBS), Cyberarm Brace


      Are you tired of holding your APC9 awkwardly? Pick up one of our Cyberarm brace products to combine with a 50rd drum magazine. This creates not only a far more…

    • Stock for Modular Stock System


      In short, convert your Modular Brace System into stock with our stock adapter. Simple, yet functional, cost-effective, and innovative solution.

    • 50 Round Drum & Modular Brace System Kit for B&T, Stribog, CZ Scorpion, HK-MP5

      28.5% $159.00$399.00 $399.00

      Telescoping, left side-folding brace is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull, making it a versatile option for the most advanced applications, Gearhead Tailhook + 50 Round Drum…

    • B&T ACR Stock & Stock Adapter


      F5 MFG’s adaptable stock system allows for the Magpul ACR stock to directly adapt to your B&T platform rifle. It’s side folding spring lock tension has 7 telescoping adjustable positions…

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