CZ Scorpion RIDGID Case


4 week delivery – The CZ Scorpion EVO & Handgun, two level covert case in TOUGH NO-RIP ORANGE POLYESTER FELT – RIDGID organizer box. It offers heavy duty lockable metal latches and an integrated water seal to protect against water and dust damage.

This organizer works with the RIDGID Pro Tool Storage System. CZ Scorpion (top level) with a removable cutout to fit a Red Dot (up to 2.75″ high off the gun)- this case will fit the Scorpion with the new telescoping/folding stock attached (see picture).

The 1911 cutout (lower level) fits auto pistols up to 9.125 inches long and most handguns will fit this cutout, Along with a cutout for your 50 round drum magazine .

The three layer system will protect your pistols like no other – All horizontal surfaces are covered in soft, durable 100% Polyester Felt (vertical interior sides are NOT covered) – all over soft and firm foam (closed cell mil-spec). Extra cutouts on top level include large 8″ by 1.25″ for a 30 rd mag and one 4.5″ by 2″ cutout for accessories.

On lower level there are two 8″ cutouts for thirty round Scorpion mags (or one for a suppressor), a 6.5″ by 3″ ammo/accessories cutout & two handgun mag cutouts. Ext is 22.5 by 13.5 by 6.5 inches. This case has a reusable desiccant to keep contents dry. UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED.



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